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Symptoms in Male and Female

  • Decreased sleep, no joy in life, blaming oneself for things happening around, finds oneself at fault. Poor attention & concentration, decreased appetive, loss of weight, unable to talk decision in life.

  • Excessive fear of objects or creatures (blood, injections, hospitals, discards, cockroaches etc., ) on seeing or imaging them.

  • Habit of repeatedly, Postponing things, fear of unfinished things or even thoughts of work.

  • Intence fear associated with pounding heart, sweating trembling, shortness of breath, feeling of chocking, chest discomfort, giddiness, numbness or tingling sensation, fear of death.

  • Recurrent and persistent unwanted thoughts (like hands are unclean, bad thoughts while worshipping, near and dear might meet with accidents etc.)., Repetitive behavior (like excessive hand washing, checking, doing and undoing, praying and counting to avoid bad thoughts etc.,)

  • Anxiety about being in place or situations from which escape might be difficult, fear while in lifts, climbing or downing steps, travelling in a bus, train on a building or a bridge etc.,

  • Pre occupation with fear of having, or the idea that one has a serious disease and preoccupation persists despite approapriate medical evaluation and reassurance, repetedly requests for investigations or does a lot of doctor shopping.

  • Sleep disturbances, walking in sleep, grinding or cleanching teeth in sleep, passing urine in sleep, excessive talking in sleep.

  • Having elated mood, increased energy & activity unwillingness to sleep, rapid speech, flow of ideas & thoughts, irritable & impatience, inflated self esteem, increased sexual desire & lack of sexual inhibitious, poor judgement & impulsive at decision making, irrational in spending money, excessive eating.

  • Self talking, self smiling, thoughts that somebody is trying harm oneself , everybody is discussing about him, hearing to people or sounds which are not heard by others seeing unseen people, poor selfcare, bizare behaviour, withdrawn from society poor socialisation.

  • A traumatic event is persistently re experienced like after have experienced a earthquakes, or an accident, sexual assault etc.

  • Sexual problems [loss of libido (Males & Females) errectile & ejaculation problems in male] misconceptions of sexual act.

  • Addiction to Alcohol, Tobacco, Drugs, Medicines (tablets, cough syrups)

  • Psychological problems in elderly & old age (depression, dementia, loss of memory, sleep problems etc.,)
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